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Claire Marie Powdrell Smith

Hi I'm Claire,

Why CMP?

My husband has always called me CMP, so it felt apt to use this name as my pen name. Just 'Claire Smith' is the name I usually go by but it's too generic!

Children's book lover

I am an absolute lover of children's picture books. I love shopping for new and pre-loved books for the kids. We frequently visit our local library and bring home a big bag of books to share together every time we go. 


I like to express myself in poetry, often just for myself or to share with my friends and family. Check out my poetry page and feel free to let me know your favourites


A tiny little voice was whispering in my head, to share my poem with the world. The voice got louder and louder and the concept of editing my poem into a children's book was born. I've absolutely loved the process and found a new passion.


While I am often found reading the children's books long after my two daughters have moved on. I also enjoy reading adult books. I adore it when books come to me, whether it's a friend passing me a book, one that shouts to me from a bookshelf or a recommendation. Nothing feels more rewarding than spending an entire afternoon reading, particularly in the garden while my children play.

Passionate Mother

I'm a mother of two girls. I would describe myself as a respectful, peaceful, positive parenting advocate. When my daughters were babies they were often found breastfeeding, sleeping on my chest or by my side or in a sling while I was out walking. My children are my muse. 

Bereaved child

When I was 11 years old, a week before Father's Day my daddy had an accident and was very suddenly taken from this world. This has clearly influenced and shaped me into who I am today. To my child was originally a poem, I wrote in 2019 when exploring the relationship I had with my daddy now that I was a mother myself.

The poem included some of the darker aspects of what can be part of a child's life and was a part of my own; difficult emotions, depression and childhood bereavement. When editing the original poem into the book I felt it was important to keep these elements and I hope they can help other children who may be in these situations.

Nature Lover

I'm also a lover of nature, fresh air and walking, I love walking! I love to camp in the UK, that is my absolute preferred way to holiday.

Yorkshire Gal

I've lived in Yorkshire in the UK all my adult life, and both my parents were brought up in Yorkshire. I live very close to the border of Wakefield and Leeds, so have an affinity to both cities.

Yoga Fan

I love Kundalini yoga, the variety, the singing, chanting, meditation and wonderful community around it. Being a part of this community has given me the courage and confidence to share my book and poetry with the world.

Being present and joyful

I love to play, connect with friends and have lots of wholesome fun like paddling in the sea, jumping in puddles, flying a kite, singing, dancing, making up songs and games to play with the kids. 

Thanks for reading!

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Olivia Chevallier

The wonderful illustrator who collaborated with me on the "To my child, you are loved" book is Olivia Chevallier.

Check out her website to see all her amazing art work

About CMP Smith: About
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