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My firm values flexible working

It's more than just policy making

My firm values flexible working

Friday is my non-working day

Time to connect, create, explore, rest and play

A day to forget about productivity

And indulge in some fun and creativity

If I find myself feeling stressed

It's a day to curl up and prioritise rest

Part-time working is really wise

It's time to connect and socialize

It's a circuit-break from the humdrum

To be a more present and playful mum

I love to nurture my work-life balance

And explore and develop fun new talents

What might I do on my non-working day?

Create, explore, connect, rest or play?

Find a nook to read a book?

Go and bake a yummy cake?

Time to talk or have a walk?

Make a start at creating art?

Or perhaps I might just get the groceries

Clean the house and rest at ease

It's more than just policymaking

My firm values flexible working

My firm values flexible working: List
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