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I took a walk with my 4 year old

I took a walk with my 4 year old

“Hurry up, come on” I said

I wasn't even in a rush

But impatient anyway

We walked only a dozen steps

Her eyes down to the ground

Attention given to a pebble

Not shiny, not clever nor even round

“Mummy look at this stone!”

It's really lovely don't you think?”

“Yes dear?!, Let's go”, I said

We walked another dozen steps

This time eyes into a garden

She saw a simple leaf

Fallen, discoloured, rather sodden

“Mummy look at this leaf

It's beautiful, isn't it?”

“Yes dear”, put it down, it's all wet”

I took a walk with my mummy

I had so much to see

The beauty in the ordinary

Nature full of magic

But she keeps missing it.

I see anew the world

Different day, different light

Different month, different season

So much all around me

I had so much to see

To learn and to teach

What's the hurry?

Slow down mummy!

We took a walk holding hands

The wise leading the way

We enjoyed the journey

We laughed, we smiled, we bonded

We filled a bag with pebbles, cones and leaves.

I took a walk without my 4 year old.

15 minutes instead of my normal two

I was present in that moment

I collected a bag of nature's treasures

I became refreshed and renewed

Take the time to walk your inner child

For she is wise and calm

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