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I Want a Pet

This is guest poem. Shared with special permission by my daughter. She wrote this poem during pandemic lockdown in 2020, aged 6 years.

I want a pet!

Mum says I can't have a pet

She really won't listen  I'm so upset

I want a pet, can't you see

Something I love and to cuddle me

"How about a guinea pig?"

"But the mess is far too big!"

"Maybe I could have a goldfish?"

"But you won't clean out the dish?"

"How about a cat?"

"I don't know about that!

They''ll scratch me of course!"

"Well how about a horse"

"That's too big for the garden"

"Boo!","I beg your pardon!"

Not even a dog?

Or a jumpy frog?

or a toad in a bog?

Or a bug on a log?

"What about a reindeer?"

"but it might bite your ear!"

"I want a unicorn

with a sparkly horn"

Mum just just shook her head

Then sent me to bed

I'm not allowed a pet

And I'm really upset!

"What about a brother?" 

I just hid under the cover

The End

By Evelyn Smith

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