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My Musings on Self Love

It's exquisite kindness and compassion and devouring life in all the glory that it is.

It's nourishing, radical and hard. Really hard, yet utterly simple.

It's feeling safe and peaceful, and accepting your life and yourself right now exactly as it is.

It's choosing gratitude and melting into the appreciation for the little things.

It's the alchemy to transform suffering into joy.

It's heavenly indulgence in the presence of now without needing to change it and savouring the moment.

It's the opposite of perfectionism, it's messy and beautiful and kind and compassionate.

A conscious decision to stop judgement; no longer good nor bad.

It's the best part of your mother, and your best friend, loving and unconditional.

It's choosing presence and kindness. It's that all embracing hug.

It's the art of not comparing and keeping our hearts and minds open and not obsessing, distorting or evaluating.


It's not tied to failures or successes.

It's not needing the approval of others and not putting your self worth in their hands.

It's making the healthy choices day in day out because it feels good. It's listening to your needs and meeting them daily.

It's taking a rest or even a nap. Knowing you're not lazy but on energy saving mode and recharging.

It's having a messy house and choosing to sit and have a cup of tea and listening and prioritising when your body is shouting to stop.

It's drinking lots of water, and eating healthy food, it's showing up to your exercise commitments and it's being utterly divinely accepting when you don't.

It's feeling at home. It's the sparkle in your eye, the joy in your cheeks, it's celebrating the wonderful uniqueness of you.

My Musings on Self Love: List
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