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Parenting is a wiping game

Parenting is a wiping game

Wipe sticky fingers

Wipe stinky bottoms

Wipe mucky faces

Wipe grazed knees

Wipe snotty noses

And melted chocolate roses

Wipe on creams for rashes

Wipe sauce off eyelashes

Wipe on suncream

Wipe away the ice-cream

Wipe up milky spills

Wipe the dirty window sills

Gross! Wipe off dog poo with a stick

Yuck! Wipe up lots and lots of sick

Wipe away little tears

Wipe jam off teddy's ears

Wipe the dinner off the side

Wipe the wet from the slide

Wipe fingerprints off the window

Wipe up tiny bits of playdough

Wipe the tables, wipe the doors

Wipe the spills off the floors

Wipe, wiped away the years

Wipe away my lonely tears

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